Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

​​​​​​​Dedicated & Compassionate Care

Dr. Jessica Graves


Dr. Graves graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and has practiced in small animal medicine in Orlando and Polk County. She had a special interest in behavior, shelter medicine, the human-animal bond, and preventative medicine throughout veterinary school and went to special externships in order to gain a better knowledge of different behavioral cases. She also completed a shelter medicine certificate which meant additional studies in spay/neuter surgeries, anesthesia, control of infectious diseases, and even more behavioral studies on groups of animals. Due to this interest in behavior, the mobile veterinary business was highly appealing due to the decreased stress on the pets and the owners. Her hope is to perform high-quality medicine in the client’s driveway while minimizing anxiety on pets and providing empathy and compassion towards owners. She strives to put pet health first even if it means being called “extra” during anesthesia or specialty referrals. She recently completed her Low-Stress Handling® Silver Certification and is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Dr. Graves has three daughters, a husband, a dog who was a former patient named Rundle, and three cats named Eggroll, Ron Weasley, and PegLeg. She is a terrible foster parent because she ends up keeping them all! Her non-veterinary-related interests include Harry Potter, anything by Tamora Pierce, Disney-related things, watching movies, cooking, gardening, reading about anything fantastical, and of course spending quality time with her family!


Veterinary Operations Manager

Bio coming soon!


Customer Support Specialist

Meet Victor, the "Customer Whisperer" and purr-fectly talented Customer Support Specialist of Paws Around Town with over 5 years of experience in the vet industry! He is a true animal enthusiast and a warm, welcoming voice on the phone. Whether you're scheduling an appointment or need a quick question answered, he is ready to help with a smile in his voice. Bilingual in English and Russian, Victor is a valuable asset to our team, effectively communicating with a diverse range of clients.

When he's not pulling off the impossible with scheduling and phone calls, he can be found tapping into his creative side through building intricate lego sets or playing music. His true passion lies in ensuring that our clients and their furry friends are completely satisfied. He's a true problem-solver and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients have a positive experience. Much like his beloved 2-year-old cat 'Terps', Victor brings a playful and lighthearted energy to everything he does except we don't have to worry about him nibbling on dangling cables. At Paws Around Town, we're lucky to have Victor on our team, making every interaction with our clients a memorable and enjoyable one.


Veterinary Technician

Meet Anabel, the furry-friend fan and all-around animal expert at Paws Around Town! With a decade of experience in the vet medicine world and a degree in Veterinary Technology from Sanford-Brown Institute, she's the perfect addition to our mobile vet hospital team.

Anabel's passion for animals shines through in her work, where she goes above and beyond to make each visit with us a stress-free and memorable experience for both the pet and the owner. Whether it's providing a calming presence during a check-up or lending a listening ear for pet parents, she always has a smile and a kind word.

Anabel's love for animals doesn't stop at work. In her free time, she spoils her own fur baby, Tito, with belly rubs, long walks, and lots of playtime. She knows the joy that a four-legged friend can bring and is dedicated to ensuring that every pet she encounters at Paws Around Town feels the same happiness and love.

So, next time you book a visit with us, don't be surprised if you see Anabel greeting you with a warm smile and a friendly tail wag (from Tito, of course). We're lucky to have her on our team and know that you and your furry friend will feel the same!


Veterinary Technician

Bio coming Soon!


Care Advocate Technician

Once upon a time, in a bustling metropolis filled with furry and feathered friends, our hero, Sam, discovered a magical connection with the world of veterinary wonder as a volunteer at an impressively large animal shelter. She embarked on a two-year quest to unravel the mysteries of doggie emotions and their stress-related tales but she felt herself destined for something more than volunteer work.

With a heart full of courage, Sam stepped into the realm of veterinary medicine as a receptionist. As the years twinkled by, she delved into the mystical arts of critical care and animal behavior, weaving her passion into a tapestry of low-stress wizardry even in the midst of the most thunderous medical storms, striving to provide the best care possible.

As a cherished member of the Paws Around Town fellowship, Sam pledged an oath to safeguard the health and happiness of all creatures, great and small. Yet, our enchantments do not stop at the clinic's doorway. No, dear traveler, for Sam believed that the magic of healing must dance beyond our walls and into the hearths of pet parents far and wide. With spellbinding charm, she bestowed upon them the wisdom and tools to nurture their companions, whispering secrets about their pet's health and guiding them through enchanted care choices in-between vet visits and more.

But hold onto your hats, for Sam's whimsical menagerie awaits your discovery! In a land known as "the farm", a motley crew of enchanting beings resides under her direct care. Two loyal hounds, a curious feline, three regal equine friends, a trio of splendid peacocks, a clutch of clucking adventurers known as chickens, and a grand array of scaly comrades including a Savannah monitor, an Ackie monitor, a ball python, a Borneo short tail python, and not one, but two spirited Kenyan sand boas! The farm is a place where the ordinary turns extraordinary, where every day becomes an enchanting saga.

So, dear reader, remember that behind every tale of healing and every journey of care, there's a touch of Sam's whimsy and a sprinkle of her magical dedication. And in her world of wagging tails and purring hearts, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the bonds between creatures and their keepers are woven with threads of pure enchantment.